All are welcome to the Western Shootout! If you’re an attending member, intent on saddling up, a lawful badge is required. To obtain your credentials head over to Registration housed in the main Clubhouse. A friendly cowpoke will be stationed there to properly tag your clan whether your racing, pitting or bushwhacking. You’ll never find Registration desolate of information required. Everyone’s practice, qualifying, race times and rewards shall be available there. We have a strict No Claim Jumper Policy!

San Francisco Region SCCA


The Western Shootout Championship weekend is a specially sanctioned Hoosier Super Tour. Group classifications are specific to this event. Pick and shovel your way to the front of the field.

  • Group 1 – SM & SMX
  • Group 2 – SRF3
  • Group 3 – FA, FC, FE2, FX, P1, P2
  • Group 4 – T2, T3, T4, STL, STU
  • Group 5 – GT1, GT2, GT3, GTX, T1, AS
  • Group 6 – F6, FV, FF
  • Group 7 – EP, FP, HP, GTL, B-Spec


San Francisco SCCA enforces all Rules & Regulations codified in the General Competition Rules (GCR) and any Supplemental requirements specific to the Western Shootout. It’s the responsibility of all while on property to abide & adhere to them. Bounties will be given to those found to be running afoul of the stated regulations.

Questions and other concerns may be addressed to the Chief Steward, their Deputy Stewards and Bounty Hunters by using the Contact Us form or heading directly over to the Thunderhill main chambers at Registration.


  • Thunderhill has a dB limit of 103 for all vehicles and mufflers are required.
  • Entrance to the paddock to drop off vehicles and trailers or for early arrival when camping has been previously arranged is 5:30 pm.
  • Keep fire lanes open at all times.
  • Unauthorized vehicles including ATV’s, golf carts, motorized bikes, scooters, or skateboards are NOT allowed on the racetrack at Thunderhill Park. No one under 16 allowed on any ATV, golf cart, motorized bike, or scooter.
  • People may walk or ride a bicycle on the track after hours with permission from Thunderhill Raceway Park management.
  • Recycle Bins Are available in the paddock area; please use them appropriately.
  • Please do not throw trash on the ground. There are trash cans throughout the paddock.
  • Illegal drugs, explosives, guns, bows and arrows, sling shots, and similar devices are prohibited. Anyone found with these items will be asked to leave the property.
  • Paddock speed limit is 10mph or less.


The Western Shootout is a SCCA National Title Hoosier Super Tour Event presented by San Francisco Region SCCA. All racers are welcome to attend this special dual title race weekend by signing up via the form below or direct at


Here are some frequently asked questions we hope will help you get the most out of this unique racing weekend!

Camping is typically set up by the track day provider or club. Please contact them to find out if they will be providing camping for their event.

When camping is provided, you will have access to the paddock between 5:30 pm and 12:00 midnight.

Always be courteous to your neighbors and keep the noise down to a minimum. There is absolutely no track access by motorized vehicles after the track goes cold for the day.

Yes! Anyone over 18 years of age may rent the track privately. Just give us a call at 530-934-5588 ext.103 and we will help you bring your motorsports dreams to life!

When I call the track to put on an event, what do they need to know?

  • What is your experience of putting on a track day? Have you done other days elsewhere? Is this your first-time ever?
  • How many cars do you anticipate having?
  • If you just want to get on track yourself, register with a current track group.
  • Many extra services can be provided for a fee
  • Thunderhill will provide the track and services requested
  • You will register your own participants and collect fees directly
  • You can provide your schedule for the event or the track can do it for you
  • There will be a morning meeting where track staff let you know the rules and format for the day

Yes! Fuel is always available at Thunderhill. The gas pumps are located in the south paddock area near the front gates. Credit cards are accepted 24 hours a day.

110 leaded race fuel is only accessible between the hours of 7am and 7pm.

No. You need register with one of the many groups who rent the track. Groups are listed on the Event Schedule. Click on a group’s name; if they are open to participants their web address will be listed in the description. Go to their page and see if that group is appropriate for you.

Yes. Shipping Address:

Thunderhill Raceway
5250 Hwy 162
Willows, CA 95988

Any packages shipped to Thunderhill and unclaimed for 30 days will be discarded.  Packages sent to the PO Box will be delayed.

Yes! We love dogs too. However they must be leashed at all times. Animals are not allowed in any buildings at Thunderhill unless it is a certified service dog.

If you have an aggressive dog, please do everyone a favor and leave Fido at home. Dog attacks are very serious and we do not want your dog injuring a person or another pet. Failure to follow these pet rules will result in you and your pet being asked to leave the property.

Yes, there are real restrooms and showers at Thunderhill Raceway. They are located near the center of the paddock in both the East and West paddocks. Since late 2021, there is also a new restroom and shower building at the North end of the East Paddock.