May 4-7, 2023

National SCCA releases the 2023 Super Tour calendar announcing San Francisco Region SCCA’s Western Shootout Super Tour at Thunderhill Raceway Park

San Francisco Region SCCA Western Shootout Super Tour at Thunderhill Raceway Park Schedule
Find more information at the SCCA.com website.

All Racer’s set your sights to take aim at a double shot for a National Super Tour title and our WESTERN SHOOTOUT CHAMPIONSHIP title. All happening this coming May 4-7, 2023 at Thunderhill Raceway Park. With significant attention drawn to our National Runoffs, SCCA Director of Road Racing Deanna Flanagan had time from her busy schedule to announce “We’d like to thank our host Regions for helping get the 2023 Hoosier Super Tour schedule together so we could release it in the third quarter of 2022″. As a result, we know that scheduling travel has been difficult. We hope having this information early will help our members as they look to the future.” As of release, the 2023 Hoosier Super Tour schedule can be found on the SCCA.com website as the headline article.

That makes our region’s Western Shootout at Thunderhill Raceway Park official Racer’s! So, it’s time to target up and become our first winner in class, marking your claim. Our vision is for drawing East Coast pistons west for more competitive racing. National SCCA has agreed that a true West Coast swing would highlight the premier talent of the Hoosier Super Tour. Featured on the official SCCA Super Tour webpage is the “Cross- Country Battles”, Racers have thrived for years, but have until now not been part of the Tour scheduling. You can bank on the action as We will not be held up any longer and robbed of a regional Super Tour race. Racers are wanted! So tune your pistons, mount your ponies and map out your course. Head west for the Western Shootout Super Tour NOW!

the biggest event of the 2023 Super Tour calendar.

San Francisco Region SCCA Western Shootout Super Tour at Thunderhill Raceway Park 3 mile track
San Francisco Region SCCA Western Shootout Super Tour at Thunderhill Raceway Park 5 mile track

Given that the National compass is set on the biggest event of the 2023 Super Tour calendar here at Thunderhill Raceway Park, there is no time to waste gambling. Start plotting your path to Western Shootout justice by surveying the 3-mile and 5-mile tracks coming up at the Regional Season Finale 15, 16, & 17 weekend (https://www.sfrscca.org/news/registrationis-now-open-for-the-season-finale-regionalraces- 15-16-17-4443/). You can bet this will be the best and earliest chance to scope out the great lengths, as well as, what it will take to settle your rights for a Western Shootout title. By ‘rassling up your posse, heading out October 28 – 30, you can take the high ground advantage to lock up a title. Therefore, don’t roll the dice and wait till race day May 5th to learn the 3 & 5-mile track grooves. Get there now to collect all the surveillance information needed to reign supreme.

The West needs you.

The region needs you and you need to win a Super Tour title! But, most importantly, you are Wanted to hang’em high on the first-ever Western Shootout podium. So make history partner, sling those pistons and sign up via Motorsportreg.com direct or the link on SFRscca.org. Obviously, we all need you to claim your right, your bounty, and start saddling up early by learning the ropes at the last Regional and Season Finale 15, 16 & 17 weekend.

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