Western Shootout Website Design by Image Department

The green flag has dropped with the race towards the first Western Shootout Championship begun. Our San Francisco Region SCCA team has hit the accelerator and built an interactive web circuit thanks to the power of The Image Department and Bob Mortensen. From concept to creation, it has been a fantastic experience which quickly developed into a single source location for all the information and links competitors require. With a strong vision the Western Shootout theme became a multi-page portal for our premier Super Tour race with images, details and access for sign up capability. SFR SCCA President Tim Sullivan stated “the launch and mobile experience of westernshootout.com needed to be as fast as the racing competition, allowing everyone to tap into the enormous potential to maneuverer towards signing up for this exciting event.”

Western Shootout at Thunderhill Raceway Park

The Western Shootout is unlike any other race held on the Hoosier Super Tour. We listened to what SCCA racers craved, having more track time, more races and more awards SFR SCCA rose to their demands, providing racers with the best. Only one location could support all those conditions in a single weekend – Thunderhill Raceway Park. Having the longest track to be ever challenged in SCCA competition, the most configurations and the most extreme driving conditions the bar is set for champions to be crowned. This the destination of choice for all would-be National title chase heroes. If you intend to win there is no better track than the greatest in motorsport. “Racing is bred on the asphalts edge, between the boundaries lines lays action, resulting in opportunity for which every corner, apex and straight away Thunderhill has in abundance” says Thunderhill Raceway Park President David Vodden. He continues “we welcome all national challengers to the Western Shootout weekend because only the single best can take the Western Shootout Championship crown.”

Western Shootout at Thunderhill Raceway Park Updated Website
Thunderhill Raceway Park

One click starts it all for your entrance to the Western Shootout. Find all that you need to participate in one location. Share with your friends and invite your foes to search their own path to where Racers Draw their Pistons – The Western Shootout. Your checkered flag awaits @ westernshootout.com.

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