Western Shootout at Thunderhill Raceway Park
Hoosier Racing Tire SCCA Super Tour
San Francisco Region SCCA
Thunderhill Raceway Park
Super Tour Approved Western Shootout
Thunderhill Raceway Park, San Francisco, CA

Major negotiations between National Sports Car Club of America’s Hoosier Super Tour representatives and San Francisco Region SCCA has been ongoing since March 2022 in an effort to create a wholly unique motorsports spectacle. Working directly with Eric Prill and Deanna Flanagan the concept for a Northern California addition to the western swing of the Hoosier Super Tour calendar developed over several months. “Our focus was to provide an opportunity for all national racers to compete at a level not seen anywhere else on the current Super Tour race calendar” states SFR Regional President Tim Sullivan.

National racers have always desired for there to be a consecutive progression of Super Tour calendared events from east to west. As the pinnacle of SCCA motorsport it is absolutely critical for their participation to breed intense competition within all Classifications. Taking this request into account it was decisive for SFR SCCA to host the event in conjunction with one of our local regional Super Tour events. Coordination with Cal Club and Oregon Region Presidents allowed SFR to arrange the most appropriate timing to properly coincide with either the Button Willow Super Tour or the Portland International Raceway Super Tour. After regional consultation it was determined that Thunderhill Raceway Park weather is best when aligned to the PIR Super Tour in mid-May each year. This allows for the best conditions and the highest attendance of East & West Coast Racers to compete during the Western Swing of the Hoosier Super Tour.

Once all initial scheduling efforts were complete the SFR Western Shootout committee presented the full race concept to National SCCA. Directly addressing their questions rapidly escalated the event from concept to maturation. A brief back and forth between each respective board laid the foundation for full recognition to occur. As of September, National SCCA has provided its acceptance and sanctioning recognition as a Hoosier Super Tour event. San Francisco SCCA is now positioned to host its first Hoosier Super Tour Western Shootout for May 4-7, 2023. With these parameters in place preparations for announcements, website and monthly planning to launch have accelerated.

Checkered flag in hand SFR President Tim Sullivan states “we are proud to Nationally announce that the Western Shootout is the newest Super Tour points chase target” as he continues “our multi-year commitment to all SCCA members will become the destination of choice and the largest event West of the June Sprints.” Thank you, San Francisco Region members, as we welcome every one of Sports Car Club of America’s members here for our dual Championship title event. The two race Hoosier Super Tour Title and the combined three race Western Shootout title are at stake for all to claim out west. Come all to assert your rights to vie for the first ever Western Shootout crown!

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